Arkansas 91st General Assembly Legislative Highlights


• Opposed restrictive SNAP bills.
• Opposed restrictive smoking age bill.
• Passing of an expended wine in grocery store bill.
• Successfully helping to amend the Bio-legislation.
• Passed a discount protection bill for retailers.
• Passed a bill that gave an option for retailers to offer debit cards for lottery purchases.
• Tort reform.
• Opposed restrictive alcohol bills.
• Advocated for a bill that decreased the Soft Drink Tax.
• Advocated for the wage base for calculating unemployment insurance from $12,000 to $10,000; reduces weekly benefit amounts;  restricts benefits available to individuals who have received severance pay.
• Advocated for the bill that prohibits local political subdivisions from requiring more from employers than required in federal and state law.
• Opposed the bill that would have repealed the requirement for the DFA Director to levy a 0% sales tax rate on food under certain  economic conditions.

Advocated for other pro-business and consumer bills.