We believe that consumers ultimately benefit when the Legislature makes decisions which help rather than hinder the free enterprise system. 

The decisions made by the State Legislature, Congress and state and federal agencies have a huge impact on everything you do in your business. 

They decide for you what kinds of taxes and fees you will be paying. They set the minimum wage, determining for you what the least amount is that you can pay your workers. They decide what hours your employees can work. They make decisions for you regarding health insurance and unemployment insurance and workers comp insurance. They establish rules regarding sales of fuel, meals, groceries, medicines, alcohol, tobacco and other products. They determine if you will be inspected, by whom, when, and how much you get to pay for the privilege. They decide if you are going to have to post signs and notices for your employees and customers. 

The list goes on and on and on. 

Can you afford to take the time to be at the State Capitol or the US Capitol to speak up on good proposals and those that are just simply ridiculous? Probably not. 

Our Association actively participates in the legislative process, but not just by lobbying, we also support the campaigns of legislative candidates who we believe support a strong private sector and demonstrate a free-enterprise philosophy. 

That’s why we’re here. We work hand to hand with national groups and other state groups to look out for your interests, because like it or not, the state government and Uncle Sam are partners in your business. 

So we make it our business to protect your business. 

Our political action committee, AGRMA PAC, raises funds through contributions from our members. The money is then used to assist with the campaigns of candidates who will be supportive of a strong free enterprise system.

LAW CHANGES  CREATE PAC PRESSUREIn 2014, voters approved an initiative to ban corporate contributions to political candidates, while extending the number of terms elected officials may serve in the State House and State Senate.

The corporate contribution ban will effectively dry up all sources of campaign funding except for individual (personal) contributions and donations from PAC’s. AGRMA has already received an unprecedented number of invitations to fundraisers for candidates in the 2016 elections.

Plus the General Assembly moved the 2016 Preferential Primary from May to March, with two candidates having ties to the state seeking their party’s nomination for President (Mike Huckabee and Hillary Clinton). This move required that the filing periods be moved up from March ’16 to November ’15 – meaning that some candidates will be campaigning for the better part of a full year.

Please donate today to your AGRMA PAC for the betterment of your business!